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New York Inspires Me!

So I’m going back again!  Next week….. for 3 weeks!  This time I’m going to venture to the other side.  I usually stay in the West Village, but this time I’m going to check out the East Village.  Stay tuned…. I may even take a real camera in this trip.  Feeling totally ready to take some pictures!

In the meantime… here’s a little something from past trips to NYC.  Some even so long ago they were shot on film.  The photos with the towers in them were taken only a week before they fell.

This Life is Pretty Amazing


USA January – March 2013

The beginning of the year usually means a trip to the US for 2 of the biggest photography conventions I attend all year.  PPA (Professional Photographers of America) is usually in January and WPPI (Wedding Portrait Photographers International) which is usually in February, sometimes March.  PPA moves to a new city each year and this year meant my first visit to Atlanta.  A very busy schedule working on the booth for the legendary Jerry Ghionis with his Ice Light, meant not many photos were taken.  From Atlanta I stopped over in Chapel Hill, NC to see my very dear friend Tamara Lackey and her family, before heading down to Miami to spend a month with Alex and Hazel Rodriguez at HAZEL Photography. Let me say, there are far worse places you could spend a US winter then Miami!  In fact I left Miami in a TShirt with beautiful blue skies and sunshine to land in Chicago to a drizzly snow in below freezing conditions.  We drove to Indiana for a brief stay with Christi Nelson at Rawsii Studios, then flew back to the West Coast to my favorite Hermosa Beach.  A week here then off to Vegas for a week for WPPI, then back to Hermosa for another week before heading home.  I met SO many people on this trip and especially enjoyed meeting the locals at the beach over breakfast or dinner or just walking along the beach.  Hermosa Beach is starting to feel like my home away from home.


The Wedding of Hannah and Wal

For all the years I’ve worked in the photography industry, most people have known me in the pro labs, as an assistant, a travel photographer, an iphone photographer or more recently a consultant.  Many don’t know that over the years I’ve photographed quite a number of weddings.  In the 6 years I worked with the fabulous Jerry Ghionis, my role was assistant though I did sometimes pick up a camera as a second shooter a the ceremony or reception.  In those 6 yearI learned so so much…. not purposefully or even consciously, but boy did that change the way I shoot.  This became extremely apparent after photographing my cousins wedding 10 days before Christmas.

On 15th December 2012 my cousin Hannah married the love of her life – Wal.  The setting was Faithfull Creek Station, her parents farm and although the skies threatened rain in the morning, we really couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day.  It was the first wedding I’ve shot all year, the third wedding on my own since I’d stopped working with Jerry 18 months ago. I’ll stop talking about it and just let the pics tell the story.


A Trans Siberian slideshow….

Finally getting around to using Animoto and after making my very first slideshow using this great program, I think it is the ultimate way to share your travel adventures!  Excited now to shoot more footage to enhance the story telling with my images and use it more often!  It’s just like having a slide night after you vacation but SO much better!  ;)


I guess Where is Sally doesn’t only need to apply when I’m away? At the moment… I’m home!

Literally at home, back in the town where I was born, Euroa.

From Wikipedia…

Euroa is a town in the Shire of Strathbogie in the north-east of Victoria, Australia. At the 2006 census, Euroa had a population of 2,776. The name Euroa comes from an Aboriginal word in the old local dialect meaning “joyful”

My parents grew up around here and both my brother and I were born here, although we moved away when I was young so memories of Euroa were mostly through visiting family.  In the last 2 years however, my folks have moved back here to a house on an acre and graciously taken in my beautiful 14yo border collie Kodi as a boarder.  This is my home for the next few months…..



Please Support The Voice of the Rain

The Voice of the Rain is a photography project iniated by Melbourne photographer Jeremy Beasley to raise funds for an indigenous Fijian family. After spending 18 days with the Evisisi family near the town of Singatoka on Vita Levu, Fiji’s largest island,  Jeremy is producing a book of photographs that capture the family’s way of life.

He is aiming to generate funds on pozible to cover the printing of the book. Any funds going beyond this will go straight to the larger goal of building the Evisisi family a home. More books will be sold at various book launches and online to achieve the final goal.

UPDATE: They are now shipping books internationally on pledges over $100!

Seasonal New York

During my last visit to the USA I was lucky enough to visit my favourite city New York on 2 occasions.  The first visit was during the heat of summer in July and again in October which meant a lot to me as I was finally able to see NYC in the fall.  After being there during every other season, it was stunning to walk through Central Park with so many beautiful colours and leaves falling all around.

Some of the images below are also from my earlier trip the Big Apple in February…. I love it there in winter!  I’m yet to see snow on the ground though… maybe next January….



Oh Paris….

There’s an amazing story behind my recent trip to Paris that involved myself along with 7 fabulous women.  Trying to put it all into words is proving to be a harder task than I thought.  Stay tuned as I will post this story soon, but in the meantime here are some of my favourite pics from the city of love.


Hermosa Beach – A different side to LA

LA is the gateway for most Australians who visit the USA.  It’s the first stop where we go through immigration and sometimes no more then an airport for those continuing on to NYC or another destination.  I’ve found over the last 2 years though that once you’ve done the LA tourist stuff – Disneyland, Hollywood, Beverly Hills and even Santa Monica,  LA can be an awesome city to stay for a while.

Until February this year I had always loved to base myself in West Hollywood, near Melrose Ave, where I had found my favourite cafes to visit, cool shopping and an intersting culture within LA.  However, my affection for WeHo has been overtaken by a complete love for the South Bay area of LA, in particular Hermosa Beach!

I don’t know if I can explain in words why I love it so much?   I believe that it’s a combination of the beach, the sunsets over the beach, the walks along the strand, the cafes, the bars, the SO VERY laid back atmosphere, constantly being surrounded by people who are happy and having fun, the never ending beach volleyball courts that just go for miles and miles, and the super nice people who always say hello and chat!  The beer tastes great in Hermosa too!

Fav food spots:
Great for breakfast and lunch is Martha’s 25 22nd Street  Hermosa Beach &
Uncle Bills Pancake House 1305 Highland Avenue  Manhattan Beach
Great Tapas & Sangria – Mediterraneo – 73 Pier Avenue  Hermosa Beach
Vietnamese Soup – Number Nine – 1342 Hermosa Ave Hermosa Beach
Mexican – El Gringo – 2620 Hermosa Ave Hermosa Beach
Hot’s Kitchen – 844 Hermosa Ave  Hermosa Beach
The Spot – great vegetarian cafe – 110 2nd Street Hermosa Beach



Snow in Detroit

One of the great things about not having snow where you live, is that you LOVE it when you see it and appreciate it’s beauty rather than see it as the annoyance to getting on with daily life that it can also be at times.  Whilst staying with a friend win Detroit, Michagan recently, I had the opportunity to plat in the snow which I haven’t done since I was a child!


A Day Out & About in New Orleans

I landed in NOLA straight off a flight from Australia with only a 2 hour stopover in LA.  Nedless to say – exhausted!  However tired though, I did feel like a good feed before I collapsed into my jetlag coma, so hit the streets of New Orleans to find me some good creole food!  I found a fabulous restaurant on Royal St called Mr B’s which couldn’t have been more perfect!  I sat at the end of the bar making small talk with the bartender and ordered a bowl of gumbo, some garlic fries and a glass of red wine….perfect!

Whilst there a girl sat next to me and placed her pro camera on the bar.  Exhausted I didn’t really feel like chit chat but couldn’t help myself in the end and asked if she was int own for the photography conference.  She actually wasn’t but we got chatting and she gave me some great advice for my one day off whilst in NOLA.  ” Take the Charlie Car to the Washington stop.  Walk down Washington to  The Commanders Palace for lunch.  Continue down Washington to Magazine and walk back via Magazine St.”  What a great day it was!  Magazine St was filled with little cafe’s, vintage shops and lovely traditional NOLA homes.  I loved walking the streets checking out the beautiful mansions as well as some of the more quaint homes – all had the rockers on the porch!

I even found a fabulous latte! MOJO Coffee House at 1500 Magazine St….. awesome!

If you ever find you have some time in this fabulous city…. I highly recommend this lovely walk through the Garden District of New Orleans.

Oh… I also spent more time in the blues/jazz district of Frenchman St…. SO much betteer then Bourban St!  Great bars with amazing live bands.

Let’s hear it for New York!

Words will follow shortly.  Until then I hope the pictures tell the story….

New York – Waiting for Irene

Well hurricane Irene is due to hit tomorrow morning aroud 6am.  After many warnings of precautionary measures, I decided to head to higher ground in Greenwich Village as opposed to my little apartment in the West Village less than 2 blocks from the Hudson river.  Once all was moved and things in place ready for the hit, we decided to walk the streets to see what was happening.  The Subway and all transport shut down midday and downtown was very much a ghost town.  As we got closer to midtown and Times Square though, more people were about and many others had a similar idea to us.  It’s now 10pm the night before and we’re still only experiencing rain…heavy rain at times but no wind yet.


Summer School in Las Vegas

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